‘Home’, a painting

Rachel Long's painting 'Home' celebrates the connection between Earth and Spirit.

Anting-anting: some personal talismans

'Anting-anting' ('agimat' in Tagalog) is the Ilokano word for amulets or charms. They can be made of any type of material; sometimes they are printed spells or magical words. They are worn, sewn into the skin or clothes, tattooed, or otherwise carried. Angela Natividad describes some of her personal anting-anting collection.

Why myth is more important than ever – interview with Manda Scott

Writer, teacher and activist Manda Scott talks to Edgewise about myths, gods and stories in this time of planetary emergency.


‘Only one bat / All senses are stretched beyond time.’ Daphne Astor reveals her experience of twilight brooding during Covid through field notes, sound recordings and poetry.

‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’ re-imagined in response to Exmoor

What can transversing the land on foot and horseback while re-imagining a 14th-century knight's tale tell us about our relationship to the land today? Sara Hudston's series of images were taken in Horner Woods in Somerset

Solitude, my secret joy

Security, privacy and containment: Sara Hudston finds these are essential characteristics for generating the 'flash upon that inward eye / Which is the bliss of solitude'.


Tilly Meredith wonders if our attachment to the idea of youthful beauty arrests recognition of posed maturity. Her poetry and video explore an alchemical process.

‘Extinguishing Gaslights’

To whom, or to what, are you offering me up? Offering any of us up? Nicola Perry's sword of a song spears gaslighting. Inspired by the spirit of the bard Taliesin, she invites us to declare and defend our boundaries.