‘Only one bat / All senses are stretched beyond time.’ Daphne Astor reveals her experience of twilight brooding during Covid through field notes, sound recordings and poetry.


'In the illusion of language we envision eggs / neatly lined up on the farm shop shelf sorted / by size, nestled in soft blue cardboard' Daphne Astor tracks April through words.


Tilly Meredith wonders if our attachment to the idea of youthful beauty arrests recognition of posed maturity. Her poetry and video explore an alchemical process.

‘Solstice Prayer’

Viryapuspa Nolan offers a prayer in images and sound as the winter solstice sun rises over the sea on the morning of the shortest day.

‘Song of Blodeuwedd: How to Make a Woman an Owl’

Blodeuwedd is a woman made from flowers and later turned into an owl for an act of betrayal. Sarah Acton tells the story in Blodeuwedd's voice, raising questions about power and the freedom to love.

‘The Current Age of the Universe is 13.8 billion years’

'Slow down time crescent moon / everything we feel / as the year continues its turn / is offered in the afterglow / of starlight from the beginning.' Daphne Astor broods as dusk falls.

‘Grendel’s Mother: Goddess of Darkness’

A poem to Grendel's mother, dangerous to the warrior Beowulf, revenging her son's death. Translators have not been kind to this woman, but Sarah Acton finds her fierce and strong.

‘Nutty Tales’

'Hello. Thanks for giving yourself to me: from tree, and the tree that begat that, and on, and on, to the beginning of walnut-time': Dominic Orr tells a tale in a nutshell.