‘Song of Blodeuwedd: How to Make a Woman an Owl’

Sarah Acton looks at the story of Blodeuwedd; a woman made by magicians from flowers to marry Lleu, a man who has been cursed never to marry a woman ‘of this world’. Blodeuwedd falls in love with another and they conspire to kill Lleu.

The attempt fails, her lover is killed and Blodeuwedd is transformed into an owl for her betrayal. While the story commonly portrays Blodeuwedd as the villainess, this poem is in Blodeuwedd’s voice, reclaiming her power and freedom to love.

Sarah Acton is a landscape poet, artist and creative facilitator based in East Devon. Sarah works with local Dorset and Devon museums, schools and organisations to develop arts projects for social engagment and community. Sarah is currently playwright and project lead for the Heart of Stone project on the Isle of Portland, supported by Arts Council England National Lottery project grant funding.

Words, photo and video © Sarah Acton 2021.

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