‘The Virtual Museum of Lost & Found’

Found and lost things are everywhere, but what is this process of losing and finding and whose perspective defines what is lost and found? Anja Byg ponders these things on a journey through the woods and beyond.

‘I forgot to wear knickers in Tesco’s’

Images from Esther May Campbell's photo experiments between herself, children, woodland and home-grown, subversive tarot.

‘Into the Gloaming’

Join Kristen Butera as twilight falls on the mountain. She meanders through the edges of the forest during the in-between time, opening up unexpected communication with the plant spirits.

‘Dwelling on earth’

What does it mean to dwell on earth? Anja Byg explores this question through a photographic journey across Dartington estate in the company of a clay ball.


Kristen Butera shares joyful reflections of the autumn woods in Vermont, USA, filled with wiggly tree spirits, colourful water fairies and cheeky wind sprites.

‘The Woods to us a Kingdom is’

What if here, at the edge, is where the action is? Photographs by Bristol-based artist Esther May Campbell. Through autumn 2020, Esther took a group of youngsters into the woods from dusk until night to tell stories and create pictures.