‘Only one bat / All senses are stretched beyond time.’ Daphne Astor reveals her experience of twilight brooding during Covid through field notes, sound recordings and poetry.


Tilly Meredith wonders if our attachment to the idea of youthful beauty arrests recognition of posed maturity. Her poetry and video explore an alchemical process.

‘Solstice Prayer’

Viryapuspa Nolan offers a prayer in images and sound as the winter solstice sun rises over the sea on the morning of the shortest day.

‘Song of Blodeuwedd: How to Make a Woman an Owl’

Blodeuwedd is a woman made from flowers and later turned into an owl for an act of betrayal. Sarah Acton tells the story in Blodeuwedd's voice, raising questions about power and the freedom to love.

‘Right Where I Am’

'Right Where I Am' is movement piece exploring the body's relationship to earth and self. Recorded in the Dartington Arts Studios Joanna Blundell twirls, swirls and curls in a physical expression of our possible discombobulation.

‘Grendel’s Mother: Goddess of Darkness’

A poem to Grendel's mother, dangerous to the warrior Beowulf, revenging her son's death. Translators have not been kind to this woman, but Sarah Acton finds her fierce and strong.

‘Two Hours on Dartmoor’

Time passes in a flash when you are in the Otherworld and two hours can seem like five minutes. Join Sara Hudston and Russell the horse on a two-hour ride on Dartmoor in a film lasting five minutes.