Hunting for Witches: an ancestral retelling

Kate Hewett searches the stories and symbols of her lineage to reclaim her roots and re-imagine her ancestral story.

‘Extinguishing Gaslights’

To whom, or to what, are you offering me up? Offering any of us up? Nicola Perry's sword of a song spears gaslighting. Inspired by the spirit of the bard Taliesin, she invites us to declare and defend our boundaries.

‘The Patchwork of Clues’

What meaning would you weave from a language you can't comprehend? And what are the parrot and the night calling out for? Kate Hewett's short story asks what might have been lost when we moved from an oral to a written culture.

‘Nutty Tales’

'Hello. Thanks for giving yourself to me: from tree, and the tree that begat that, and on, and on, to the beginning of walnut-time': Dominic Orr tells a tale in a nutshell.