‘I forgot to wear knickers in Tesco’s’

Images from Esther May Campbell's photo experiments between herself, children, woodland and home-grown, subversive tarot.


'In the illusion of language we envision eggs / neatly lined up on the farm shop shelf sorted / by size, nestled in soft blue cardboard' Daphne Astor tracks April through words.


Tilly Meredith wonders if our attachment to the idea of youthful beauty arrests recognition of posed maturity. Her poetry and video explore an alchemical process.

‘Solstice Prayer’

Viryapuspa Nolan offers a prayer in images and sound as the winter solstice sun rises over the sea on the morning of the shortest day.

‘Extinguishing Gaslights’

To whom, or to what, are you offering me up? Offering any of us up? Nicola Perry's sword of a song spears gaslighting. Inspired by the spirit of the bard Taliesin, she invites us to declare and defend our boundaries.

‘Song of Blodeuwedd: How to Make a Woman an Owl’

Blodeuwedd is a woman made from flowers and later turned into an owl for an act of betrayal. Sarah Acton tells the story in Blodeuwedd's voice, raising questions about power and the freedom to love.

‘Into the Gloaming’

Join Kristen Butera as twilight falls on the mountain. She meanders through the edges of the forest during the in-between time, opening up unexpected communication with the plant spirits.

‘Dwelling on earth’

What does it mean to dwell on earth? Anja Byg explores this question through a photographic journey across Dartington estate in the company of a clay ball.