‘Solstice Prayer’

I sing to the dawn to bring me the light”

Viryapuspa Nolan offers a solstice prayer in images and sound as the sun rises on the morning of the shortest day.

Viryapuspa Nolan is a scribbler and maker, currently living close to the sea in Hastings. Over the last decade, she has been working with the healing power of myth, using the language of story, creativity and ritual to enable people to realise more meaningful ways of being and recover their deep soul connection to the earth.

Words, photo and video © 2021 Viryapuspa Nolan

3 Comments on “‘Solstice Prayer’

  1. Thank you Viryapuspa. The moment that I heard the gulls voicing whatever they were voicing, I also smelled the sea’s tang.

  2. Reminds me of last Spring . No traffic . Like visiting C17th or earlier … almost expected to see a sailing ship come o’er the horizon …
    … Old Town really feels deep ….
    Plenty of space for spirits .
    Lovely lullabies to the Light .

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