Hunting for Witches: an ancestral retelling

Kate Hewett searches the stories and symbols of her lineage to reclaim her roots and re-imagine her ancestral story.

‘Blodeuedd of the Otherworld’

Kate Hewett stalks the magical Celtic character of Blodeuedd through the Welsh story she appears in, the Otherworld she appears from, the land that gives her embodiment, and the messages she sends when attempts are made to recreate her.

How can we represent non-human voices with respect and authenticity?

Kate Hewett speaks with Suzi Crockford, Dartmoor writer and shamanic healer, about finding ways to listen to the land, become part of a place, and learn respect for the ensouled universe.

‘The Patchwork of Clues’

What meaning would you weave from a language you can't comprehend? And what are the parrot and the night calling out for? Kate Hewett's short story asks what might have been lost when we moved from an oral to a written culture.