How can we represent non-human voices with respect and authenticity?

Suzi Crockford, Dartmoor writer and shamanic healer, talks to Kate Hewett about finding ways to listen to the land, become part of a place, and learn respect for the ensouled universe. Suzi explores how artists, writers and storytellers can bridge the disconnections of the western psyche and write stories rich with grief, love and reciprocity.

‘We need to do that bizarrely contrary thing which is on the one hand be aware of the whole, be aware that everything affects everything else… and know that we can only do the work that is ours to do, we can only speak on behalf of whatever it is that we are truly in connection with’

Suzi Crockford is a visionary writer and a shamanic healer. She teaches animist and shamanic pathways to finding our deep connection to ‘All that Is’.
Podcast: The Vicar and the Witch

Suzi Crockford

Kate Hewett lives in the woods on Dartmoor, who whisper to her of the urgent need to return to harmony with the more-than-human. As she travels that ancient, obscured, yet still accessible path, her creative work aims to express some of the stark beauty, wisdom and magic she is encountering.

Kate Hewett

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