‘Grendel’s Mother: Goddess of Darkness’

A poem to Grendel’s mother, dangerous to the warrior Beowulf, revenging her son’s death. Translators have not been kind to this woman, but she is fierce and strong. Part of my #ModernGoddessHymns art project.

Sarah Acton is a landscape poet, artist and creative facilitator based in East Devon. Sarah works with local Dorset and Devon museums, schools and organisations to develop arts projects for social engagment and community. She works closely with the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site (UNESCO) and receives frequent commissions from Stepping into Nature, Dorset AONB, and Alzheimer’s memory cafes. Sarah is currently playwright and project lead for the Heart of Stone project on the Isle of Portland, supported by Arts Council England National Lottery project grant funding.

Sarah Acton: Grendel's Mother

Words, photo and video © Sarah Acton 2021.

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