‘Song of Blodeuwedd: How to Make a Woman an Owl’

Blodeuwedd is a woman made from flowers and later turned into an owl for an act of betrayal. Sarah Acton tells the story in Blodeuwedd's voice, raising questions about power and the freedom to love.

‘Into the Gloaming’

Join Kristen Butera as twilight falls on the mountain. She meanders through the edges of the forest during the in-between time, opening up unexpected communication with the plant spirits.

‘Dwelling on earth’

What does it mean to dwell on earth? Anja Byg explores this question through a photographic journey across Dartington estate in the company of a clay ball.

How can we represent non-human voices with respect and authenticity?

Kate Hewett speaks with Suzi Crockford, Dartmoor writer and shamanic healer, about finding ways to listen to the land, become part of a place, and learn respect for the ensouled universe.

‘The Call’

You don’t have to choose to leave the place you were born – sometimes you are pushed. And sometimes you are claimed. Angela Natividad, who grew up in California, meditates on how Paris claimed her.

‘Right Where I Am’

'Right Where I Am' is movement piece exploring the body's relationship to earth and self. Recorded in the Dartington Arts Studios Joanna Blundell twirls, swirls and curls in a physical expression of our possible discombobulation.

‘The Patchwork of Clues’

What meaning would you weave from a language you can't comprehend? And what are the parrot and the night calling out for? Kate Hewett's short story asks what might have been lost when we moved from an oral to a written culture.

‘The Current Age of the Universe is 13.8 billion years’

'Slow down time crescent moon / everything we feel / as the year continues its turn / is offered in the afterglow / of starlight from the beginning.' Daphne Astor broods as dusk falls.