Kristen Butera shares joyful reflections of the autumn woods in Vermont, USA, filled with wiggly tree spirits, colourful water fairies and cheeky wind sprites.

‘Grendel’s Mother: Goddess of Darkness’

A poem to Grendel's mother, dangerous to the warrior Beowulf, revenging her son's death. Translators have not been kind to this woman, but Sarah Acton finds her fierce and strong.

‘Nutty Tales’

'Hello. Thanks for giving yourself to me: from tree, and the tree that begat that, and on, and on, to the beginning of walnut-time': Dominic Orr tells a tale in a nutshell.

‘The Woods to us a Kingdom is’

What if here, at the edge, is where the action is? Photographs by Bristol-based artist Esther May Campbell. Through autumn 2020, Esther took a group of youngsters into the woods from dusk until night to tell stories and create pictures.

‘Two Hours on Dartmoor’

Time passes in a flash when you are in the Otherworld and two hours can seem like five minutes. Join Sara Hudston and Russell the horse on a two-hour ride on Dartmoor in a film lasting five minutes.

‘Denim Blues – For Daniel’

In 2020, during the days leading up to Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, Judith-Kate Friedman found herself mending. What she envisioned would be a quick photo essay about a jacket became a long poem.